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Clapperboard. Хлопушка. Часть-1

Posted by yols on 2011.06.28 at 20:10
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Видеоурок по использованию "хлопушки". Американская маркировка. (язык английский)

If you have ever wondered about the functionality of slating during a film shoot, what a shooting script or line script is and how to keep a shot log, then this may be the perfect video tutorial for you, in two parts.

We’ll walk through some quick tips and tricks for getting the most use out of one of the most recognized icons in the film industry. Rather than a complete primer, this is intended to be a simple introduction on the uses of slating in the film industry, or for use with your little digital camera. It is not comprehensive but it will get you started in the right direction. Slating is important because it helps keep everything in order during editing in the post-production phase of the movie.

Mark the slate with the project title, roll, scene, take, director, camera (cinematographer or director of photography), date, time of day (day, night), kind of filter, int. or ext. (interior or exterior), and MOS or sync sound (MOS means there is no synchronous audio track). After all of the information is written down and it's time to shoot a scene, you need to stand in front of the camera with the slate in hand, clapper open, and call the title, roll, scene, and take number. After that, clap it and get out of the way. If it is MOS, don't clap it, just stick your hand through the clapper on the slate.

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